Our Structure


The President is elected by the Annual Conference of members, and serves a 3-year term.  The incumbent can seek re-election for further 3-year terms.  The President is a serving member of Police, seconded full time to the Association, and chairs the Association Board of Directors, and the Police Welfare Fund Ltd Board.

National Secretary

The National Secretary is appointed by Conference Delegates, and holds office for such term and conditions as determined by Conference.  


Two Vice-Presidents are elected by the Annual Conference for 3-year terms. Elections for each Vice-President post take place in alternating years between presidential election years, so that there is one presidential or vice-presidential each year. 

Board of Directors 

The Association Board of Directors comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents and one elected Regional Director for each of our seven Regions. All Region Directors are serving members of Police.

Governance of the Association and its welfare functions is vested in the Board of Directors, who meet monthly. The Board reports to Conference Delegates as required by the Association's Constitution in the performance of its functions and duties, and also in relation to any specific issues requiring Conference attention.  

National Office

The Association's National Office is located in Wellington.  The office is staffed by employees who carry out roles in membership administration, communications, and support, as well as providing services and support to members in industrial, legal, insurance, health and other areas.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer leads the commercial arm of National Office.

Field Officers

Employed by the Police Association, Field Officers work with local District/Area Committees in their area to resolve members' issues.

District / Area Committees

Each District/Area committee has an executive comprised of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and committee members who are representatives of the District/Area membership.

The District/Area Committee is a fundamental medium of communication between members of the District/Area, the Board of Directors and the National Secretary. The committee attends to all matters affecting the members within the District/Area, communicates on matters of regional interest, and elevates issues on behalf of the District/Area or Branch.

Delegates from District /Area Committees gather for the Annual Conference in October each year, and have the power through that forum to determine the policy of the Association on all matters affecting the Association or any member.