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Am I covered by my Health Plan if I am outside of New Zealand?

If you reside outside of New Zealand, you can claim up to the New Zealand dollar claim maximums under your Health Plan cover. If you require surgery, you will need to have your surgery approved , and pay for your procedure. Health Plan can then reimburs ...

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How do I make a travel insurance claim?

If you need to make a claim urgently, call Allianz on 0800 486 686. If calling from overseas, phone +64 9 486 6868. Have your travel insurance policy number, full name and overseas contact details on hand so Allianz can assist you quickly. If your c ...

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If I am not covered by Police Health Plan, can I access discounted travel insurance?

If you don’t have cover through Police Health Plan, you can’t utilise the discount. To book your policy, you will need to select the link on our website for Non-Health Plan members. ...

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What discount does my Health Plan give me with Police Travel Insurance?

Police Welfare Fund members covered by Police Health Plan get 15% off their travel policy. If you have immediate family are travelling with you, they also receive the discount. Your membership will be checked to ensure your eligibility for the discoun ...

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Will my pre-existing medical conditions be covered under my travel insurance policy?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you should declare these when taking out your policy. You will be asked a series of questions to get your quote and take out your cover. Additional charges may apply to cover certain conditions, or cover ma ...

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