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How do I amend my cover or add people to my Police Health Plan?

You can download and complete a Health Plan Amendment Form and fax or post this back to Police Health Plan for processing, or contact our Member Services Team for assistance. See more information on Police Health Plan. ...

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How long does it take to settle a Health Plan claim?

We aim to have all Police Health Plan claims received processed within 10 working days, usually faster. If you have any questions about your claim, contact our Members Services Team. ...

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I’m about to be admitted to a private hospital for surgery, will Police Health Plan cover me?

All Health Plan surgical claims must be pre-approved prior to surgery. As soon as surgery has been decided necessary, you should submit a Surgical Prior-Approval Form for pre-approval of your surgical claim. After receiving the returned completed form, ...

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I’m going overseas, will Police Health Plan cover me?

Police Health Plan will reimburse treatment costs incurred outside New Zealand, which would have normally been covered by Police Health Plan, but only to the New Zealand fee standards.  In other words, the standard costs should the treatm ...

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When should I lodge a claim with Police Health Plan?

Members can claim at any time when receipts total $100 or more. All claims however must be submitted for settlement within 18 months of incurring the charge. Any claims received that are over 18 months old, will not be reimbursed by Police Health Plan. ...

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Who will my Death Benefit under Police Health Plan be paid to if I die?

The Police Health Plan Death Benefit will be paid to the next of kin who is responsible for the deceased's affairs, including the deceased's funeral arrangements. If there is any dispute about who should receive the Benefit, the matter will be r ...

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