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Do I have to add drivers to my policy if they are only using the vehicle for a short period?

Yes. Regardless of the length of time they are using the vehicle, we need you to provide us with their name, date of birth and their driving information, including what type of licence is currently held and if the driver has had any previous accidents o ...

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Do the excesses for vehicle insurance vary at all?

The standard excess for all Police Fire & General Motor Vehicle Insurance is $400 (however you can choose a higher excess in exchange for a lower premium). For drivers under 21, there is an additional $750 excess ($1,150 total), and for drive ...

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Is there free roadside assistance on my vehicles?

If your vehicle is insured for 'Full Cover', you automatically get our free premium Roadside Assistance for the vehicle, no matter who is driving. If your vehicle is insured for Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Third Party Only, there is no roa ...

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What is the 'Named Driver' option and how will it benefit me?

The ‘Named Driver’ option allows for up to two main drivers to be named on the policy. These drivers must be over 25 and have a Grade 1 ‘No Claims Bonus’ grade. Having ‘named drivers’ on your policy gives you a di ...

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Will you cover my contents while they are in storage?

Call our Member Services team on 0800 500 122 to discuss cover for your contents while they are in storage. Please note that we no longer offer cover for contents stored in a container and conditions do apply for contents in storage, along with an add ...

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