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Can I download the NZPA app to my NZ Police iPhone?

Yes, the app is approved by Police and is available for download from the Police App store. ...

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Help, I've forgotton my PIN to access the NZPA app

You can use the “Forgot PIN” button on the numberpad of the mobile app login screen to reset your PIN.  You will need to re-enter your website login details to do so. ...

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How do I download the NZPA app to my phone?

On your NZ Police work iPhone, go to the NZP App store and search for "NZPA". Once you have found the app, press 'install' and accept the permissions to install it on your phone. On an iPhone, follow this link or visit the App Store ...

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How do I use the NZPA mobile app?

On your first entry into the app you will be asked to log in using your NZPA website login details.  You will then set a four digit PIN, which will be used to access the app again in the future (so make you don’t forget it!). The PIN keeps yo ...

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I'm having problems installing the NZPA app

Check whether you have sufficient signal strength for good data coverage. We recommend installing while on a WiFi connection. If it is possible that your WiFi signal was not strong enough while you were trying to install the app, switch your phone to mo ...

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The NZPA app had an error or crashed, what do I do?

Check that you have good signal strength (either 3G/4G cellular, or WiFi), as issues may be caused by poor data connectivity when logging in or retrieving/editing member details. Try exiting out of the app and re-entering. If the problem does not reso ...

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