Health Cover

Protecting the health of our members - Police Health Plan is independently owned and operated by Police Health Plan Limited, a subsidiary of Police Welfare Fund Limited. The plan is non-profit and all surpluses are devoted to ensuring that members have access to one of the best value health insurance packages in New Zealand.

Cover you and your family can trust, when you need it most.

Who can Join

Membership to Police Health Plan is part of the Police Welfare Fund Limited membership package. It is open to current and former sworn and non-sworn employees of New Zealand Police.

Spouses (this includes defacto partners), dependant or non-dependant children, grandchildren and daughters/sons-in-law are also eligible for Police Health Plan membership.

To apply, simply complete a Health Plan Membership Application. You must be a member of the Police Welfare Fund to join Police Health Plan.

View Police Health Plan Brochure (including a table of what you can claim for)

Get a copy of the Police Health Plan Rules

What's Covered and Conditions

Cover Maximums

The benefit year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Annual maximums apply within this period. All claims are debited against the benefit maximums for the benefit year in which the treatment was incurred. All benefits are calculated including GST.

What's Covered

The current list of what you are covered for for all Plans apply for any treatment from 1 July 2018. These are reviewed from time to time at the discretion of the Police Health Plan Board. Any changes will be placed on our website.

For further details please refer to the Membership Conditions.

Funeral Benefit

$2,500 payable on the death of a Police Health Plan member.

The Police Health Plan Funeral Benefit will be paid to the next of kin who is responsible for the deceased's affairs, including the deceased's funeral arrangements. If there is any dispute about who should receive the Benefit, the matter will be referred to the Police Welfare Fund. The benefit will be paid to whomever at the discretion of the Fund - generally this will be the Estate of the deceased.

Voluntary Excess Option

There is the option of receiving a premium discount by selecting a voluntary excess on surgical cover. This means the excess is deducted from the total paid for each surgical claim. The surgical excess does not apply to the following surgical cover benefits: Surgery with a GP, Private Medical Hospital Admission and the Public Hospital Cash Benefit.

If an excess has been selected on the surgical cover, the excess applies from the date the new premium is paid.

If you choose to switch from a voluntary excess to the no excess option, a 90-day stand-down period will apply before cover with no excess commences. All conditions that were existing under the voluntary excess option will still incur the voluntary excess if any procedure on this condition is carried out after switching to a no excess cover.

View Police Health Plan Brochure (including a table of what you can claim for).

Get a copy of the Police Health Plan Rules.