The foundation of a good estate plan

A will lets you take control over how your belongings are distributed after you pass away and allows you to specify a guardian for your children.

If you die intestate (without a will), the law is very specific about how your estate will be divided - and it might not be what you expect. Most people want their hard-earned belongings to go to the right people.

If you don't have a will there are likely to be:

  • Long delays
    There may be long delays in distributing your assets because of Court processes which can take months to resolve;
  • Extra cost
    Due to these processes, your estate will face extra legal costs;
  • Uncertain custody of children
    If you have young children, their future custody could be uncertain. A will lets you nominate a guardian you want for your children;
  • No control over who gets what
    The law decides who your assets go to - not you; and;
  • Additional stress
    Your family may undergo additional stress while they try to resolve these issues

Perpetual Guardian are experts in preparing plain English wills which give clear instructions for the distribution of your assets and have branches nationwide.

Wills Usual
New Will with an adviser  $150 $100
eWill - Perpetual Guardian as executor $100 $49.95
eWill - Perpetual Guardian not executor $150 $99.95
Changes to an existing Perpetual Guardian Will $100 $50

The fees above are indicative for relatively straightforward circumstances. Where there is more complexity required in the advice and document preparation, Perpetual Guardian will contact members to discuss an appropriate fee before proceeding.

NOTE: Payouts from the Police Life cover sit outside the will process.
Your most up-to-date Benefit Nomination form dictates who receives this payout.

For more information and to sort your Will see the Perpetual Guardian member discount page.