It can cause unecessary stress for your family if your will is out of date.

Perpetual Guardian's WILLplus service makes it easy for you to protect your will and other important documents while being able to update your will annually.

The WILLplus service provides you with an annual check-up of your will. You can update your will to account for any changes which have happened throughout the year.

You may need to update your will if:

  • You have a child;
  • You enter or end a significant relationship;
  • You purchase a large asset - such as a house.
NOTE: Payouts from the Police Life cover sit outside the will process.
Your most up-to-date Benefit Nomination form dictates who receives this payout.

With WILLplus, you also receive:

  • Access to myDigitalVault - secure, cloud-based storage of your will and other important documents which you can access with a secure login;
  • Physical storage of your will at a Perpetual Guardian branch near you (branches nationwide); and;
  • Access to expert help through Bereavement Help (www.bereavementhelp.co.nz)
    Bereavement Help provides online information about what to do when a relative passes away.
Annual Subscription
First year $34.95 $17.50
Subsequent years $34.95 $34.95

For more information and to get or update your Will see the Perpetual Guardian member discount page.