What is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement where one party (the ‘settlor’), transfers assets to another party (the ‘trustee’), for the benefit of another party (the ‘beneficiary’).

The main advantage of establishing a trust is assets are separated from your ownership to ensure they are protected for the beneficiaries.

As trusts come in many shapes and sizes, Perpetual Guardian can structure them to meet members needs and goals.

A trust can:

  • Provide for your children and grandchildren (e.g. for their education or if they have disabilities);
  • Protect your assets from unwanted claimants;
  • Protect your personal assets from the risks associated with business;
  • Protect assets you bring into a marriage or relationship;
  • Ensure continuation of family ownership; and
  • Limit claims being made against your assets after you pass away.
Trust establishment Minimum charge
Basic $1,000
Moderate $2,000
Full service $3,000

The fees above are indicative for relatively straight forward circumstances. Where there is more complexity required in the advice and document preparation, Perpetual Guardian would contact members to discuss and agree on an appropriate fee before proceeding.

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How trusts work: