Retrospective Standby Claims

The retrospective standby issue affects members (both current and former employees) who were typically placed on night standby with a small overlap into day standby hours (0800-1700), but only claimed the night standby. 

Police has indicated that it agrees to pay employees any additional standby allowance for a period worked, but not previously claimed.

There is a 6 year limitation period to make claims. Police have confirmed that they will adopt a common date for the 6 year retrospective limitation (as per legislation) to be calculated from provided that you make your claim now.  That date is 11 January 2017, meaning affected members can claim back to 11 January 2011. Please register your interest in this matter with Police by 30 April 2018 as they may look to establish a cut off for eligibility to the common ’11 January 2017’ date (particularly if you are delayed in getting your claim in. For example if you do not get a claim in until 1 December 2018, then Police may only be required to pay you for the times you were on standby 6 years prior, being from 1 December 2012).

Payments are not able to be actioned without members lodging claims, as additional information and verification is required from individual members.

Consequently, after registering your intention to lodge a claim, Police will send you a spreadsheet for you to identify the dates for which you want to make a retrospective standby claim for. Note that there may be a delay in receiving the spreadsheet as Police itself has faced delays with access to PeopleSoft data.

Note that this does not impact on AOS/PNT members who are on standby during their duty days.  Compensation for this is built into their 6% loading - refer to Schedule two of the Constabulary Collective.

How to make a claim