Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS) is separate from the Police Association.

Queries regarding PSS must be directed to: PSS helpline: 0800 777 243

Members can also access the PSS website at: , this internet service for members of the PSS Scheme was introduced by Mercer Human Resource Consulting and enables members to:

  • Obtain up-to-date benefit values;
  • Read articles relating to the superannuation / retirement environment in New Zealand; and
  • Participate in surveys conducted by the schemes administrator.

Members’ confidential superannuation details are secure on the SuperFacts website, as they can only be accessed by using a unique Member Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Background on PSS

PSS is the superannuation scheme set up for Police following the closure of the Government Superannuation Scheme (GSF) in July 1992.

The PSS has five trustees appointed by the Commissioner of Police and the Service Organisation, three of whom must be professional persons by training or experience.

The trustees do not directly invest the assets of the fund themselves. Rather they appoint professional investment managers for each of the asset classes and then actively monitor and review the performance of those managers.

Information on this and other key aspects of the PSS can be found in the PSS Investment Statements. Members can obtain the latest statements by calling:

PSS helpline: 0800 777 243

Also see:

Specialised Financial Planning Advice

Police Welfare Fund members have access, at specially negotiated rates, to professional financial advice from one of NZ's leading financial planning providers. They have an excellent knowledge of Police superannuation benefits.