Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS) is separate from the Police Association.

Please direct questions about this super scheme to the PSS helpline: 0800 777 243 or visit

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Police Super Scheme Website

The website provides general information about the Police Super Scheme. If you’re a member, you can log in to your account on the site to check your account balances, review your account statements, change your investment choice or contact details. You can also plan for your income in retirement using the Retirement Income Calculator for Police.

You’ll need your member number and PIN to access your account. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can reset it online or phone the helpline.


PSS is the super scheme set up for Police following the closure of the Government Superannuation Scheme (GSF) in July 1992.

The manager and trustee of the PSS is PSS Trustees Limited. The trustee currently has five directors, two of whom are appointed by the Police Service Organisations and two of whom are appointed by the Commissioner. Those directors have in turn appointed a professional director, Charlie Cahn, as Chairman.

The trustee is responsible for administering the scheme and overseeing its investments. The trustee does not invest the assets of the fund directly. All the scheme’s assets are invested via Mercer Investment Trusts New Zealand (MITNZ). Mercer appoints professional invesment managers to invest the different asset classes.

Information about this and other key aspects of the PSS can be found in the PSS product disclosure statement available at and

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Police Welfare Fund members have access, at specially negotiated rates, to professional financial advice from one of New Zealand's leading financial planning providers. They have an excellent knowledge of Police superannuation benefits.