President's Weekly Round-up: 9 October 2015

NZPA - Greg O'Connor | Fri October 9th, 2015

I hope the longer days and burst of vitamin D which comes with spring is giving you all a boost. Of course, as we know, it also has the same effect on the public, and I see the calls to communications centres have gone up exponentially since daylight saving began. That will be causing panic, as comms simply couldn't cope with demand last summer.

Which makes the reassuring noises coming from the Justice Minister Amy Adams, that reported crime is down 30 per cent since 2008 and the crime survey shows similar reductions, even more bewildering. As I said on TV One Breakfast last week, you would think Police and all other social agencies were sitting around resisting the urge to look out the window in the morning because they would have nothing to do in the afternoon.

The calls for service are going through the roof, especially family violence, which increases by more than 10 per cent each year. Only 60 per cent of family violence incidents result in a crime stat, so the others don't count statistically; neither do 1M calls or the assist ambulance and other agency calls.

Meanwhile, we pile resource into the volume stuff where a small percentage drop has a big impact on the overall stats. Cunning. And we ignore drugs, which just add to the stats. The problem is, of course, that the crime drop is used as an excuse to cut funding.

So, if you are bewildered by the stats, you are in good company because most district commanders are as well as they try to reconcile the stats with their reality.

Speaking of stats, you will have seen the Commissioner and Minister denying there is a problem with an increase in firearms in the public. Since we have been keeping our own stats, we have been inundated with cases. They are not showing up in the offence figures, and we are trying to work out why. Keep the reports on any incidents resulting in the seizure or use of firearms coming in to

The media today is all around the Holidays Act remediation. We are being supportive of Police on this as they really are trying their hardest to fix it and get the payments out to members. We can’t fault Police’s determination and we always give credit where it’s due.

Stay safe.

Greg O'Connor

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