President's Weekly Round-up: 6 November 2015

NZPA - Greg O'Connor | Fri November 6th, 2015

Phew! Got all those demons off our back: won the World Cup away; won back to back; and killed the choker tag. Now we can sit back and enjoy the footy next time.

Now we’ve won, and once the parades are over, we will stop talking about the game. We only go on and on about it when we lose. That’s just the way we are.

It makes me reflect on our place in the world. Sitting as I do as chairman of ICPRA (International Council of Police Representative Associations), I see police as very reflective of the country or society they are recruited from.

We are non-corrupt here, but New Zealand is the second-least corrupt country in the world so that's hardly surprising. We are also very versatile and nimble as a police, able to change and adapt pretty quickly. Again, that reflects New Zealand, and why we have survived the economic crisis pretty well.

And we are efficient. It may not seem so when you encounter inefficiencies that impact on your day-to-day policing, but you should have a look at most overseas forces.

One of the problems is to get our politicians to recognise the value they get from that versatility and nimbleness, and not to use it as a reason to underfund us.

That is part of our job at the Association.

Police News is due out next week and you will see a good summary of conference, as well as some results of our membership survey. We will gradually release these results over the coming months. The reason we don't just put the lot in at once is that important but less sexy material can get overshadowed by the headline stuff.

You will see that the members are pretty happy with the Association’s performance, and we know where we need to put more effort in.

Stay safe.

Greg O'Connor

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