President's Weekly Round-up: 21 August 2015

NZPA - Greg O'Connor | Fri August 21st, 2015

With two firearms incidents where offenders confronted police and before that a shotgun attack on two police stations, it’s been another noteworthy few weeks on the frontline.

Two of our colleagues were shot at following a pursuit in the Raetihi area. Given that it was the second time firearms have been used against police in Central District alone in the past week, those who have accused us of over-hyping the dangers our members are facing from armed offenders may now reconsider.  

We had another offender confronting our members with a rifle in Motueka. He was shot and is in a critical condition in hospital.  Once again, it was a turnover that turned into an armed incident.  

The attacks on the Palmerston North and Highbury Police Stations occurred on the night of Monday, August 10.  The Palmerston North one was particularly ominous as a member was standing just inches from the gunman who fired into the wall behind her.

Since 2013, the Association has been expressing concerns to Police about the absurdly accessible and open nature of police counters. We have finally had acknowledgement that accessibility has been promoted at the expense of security.  A working party, which had stalled, has now been revived and we will get action.

Also this week, we were criticised in Whangarei for acting too quickly on a protection order.  The irony of being criticised when so often it’s alleged inaction over protection orders that gets us in trouble has escaped the commentators.

I guess as long as they are picking on us, they are leaving some other poor bugger alone.

Have a safe one.

Greg O'Connor

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