Gangs and Organised Crime Bill - Submission

NZPA | Fri March 27th, 2009

The Police Association welcomes the Gang and Organised Crime Bill. The changes proposed by it will be of some assistance in policing New Zealand’s serious gang problem. We particularly note and welcome the fact that many of the concerns we raised in respect of the previous Organised Crime (Penalties Sentencing) Bill have been remedied in this Bill. At the same time, positive provisions around sentencing have been preserved from that Bill.

It is important the committee recognise that New Zealand’s gang problem is entrenched and continues to worsen, both in the growing emergence of true organised crime and also through increasing prevalence of a ‘gang culture’ reflected in a worsening street gang problem. The changes proposed by this Bill are not a ‘silver bullet, rather, a coordinated programme of action is needed both in terms of legislative measures and in the police resourcing and operational priority directed at the problem. 

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