Turn The Perception Of NZ As A Safe, Secure Destination Into A Reality

NZPA | Thu August 26th, 2004

“Again the crime stats show New Zealanders what we can achieve by continuing to bring Police staffing levels up to strength,” Police Association President, Greg O’Connor, said today.

Mr O’Connor was commenting on the recent release of the latest 2003/2004 Crime Statistics.

“Last year, for the first time in a number of years, staff in the Auckland districts were up to strength,” Mr O’Connor said. “As a result they have been able to Police their areas more proactively and are making inroads into crime.”

“The message to Government and New Zealand is - Invest in Police, increase numbers and they can make a difference to crime in the community” Mr O’Connor said. “Overseas statistics show that if you increase staff numbers on the frontline and focus them on cutting crime they will do just that”.

“I say to the Government - We have opportunity now to turn the perception of NZ as a safe, secure destination into a reality. Bring staffing levels up to international standards and watch the Police reduce crime further and consolidate that reduction”, Mr O’Connor said.

The Police Association congratulates frontline staff throughout the country for their efforts over the last year, to make their communities safer.

Mr O’Connor warns, “The rise in serious violent crime stands out as an area in which only a concentrated focus on Meth users, dealers and especially the gangs trading in it, will see a reversal in the upward trend. This is an area which has had the least focus over the last 12 months”.

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