Taser decision good for public and police safety

NZPA | Fri July 31st, 2015

"Arming all frontline police officers with Tasers will improve safety for police officers and the public," Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today.

Mr O’Connor was commenting on the decision by Police Commissioner Mike Bush to allow frontline response officers to carry a Taser at all times while on duty.

“This is a courageous, sensible and timely decision by the Commissioner, and acknowledges the realities of modern policing, where police face a generation of offenders who are prepared to ‘have a go’ when confronting police officers.

“This decision also recognises that being able to avoid physically engaging with violent offenders reduces the risk for both police and those they are attempting to restrain, minimising the likelihood of injury or complaints.”

Mr O’Connor said the Association would work with Police and its members to reiterate that Tasers continue to be used responsibly and sparingly. 

In a recent Nielsen survey, 73% of the New Zealand public agreed that New Zealand police officers should be permitted to carry Tasers at all times.

“The public and police are in agreement that the time is right for officers to carry Tasers,” Mr O’Connor said.

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