Review Of Police Communication Centres Welcomed But Some Caution Needed

NZPA | Thu October 28th, 2004

"The Police Association fully supports the review into Police Communication Centres announced today and wish to actively participate in it," Police Association President Mr Greg O'Connor said.

"In May this year the Police Association published the findings of our own review which highlighted serious short comings particularly in staffing and predicted that it would take a crisis before anything was done to relieve these problems."

"We believe it is only the dedication of staff that has kept the system going so far. We are confident that like our findings in May, this review will also expose the need for greater resources to improve the safety of both the public and police officers."

"The Association hopes that the review's terms of reference, ensure that any examination is held in context with NZ's unique policing environment," Mr O'Connor said. "The fact that we have one of the lowest policing to population ratios in the western world and we have a national Police, means that our communication system needs to have the same relevance to those in downtown Auckland and to the sole officer in Haast and the communities of South Westland."

* A copy of the Police Association article on Communication Centres can be found in the May 2004 edition of NZPA POLICE NEWS

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