Police Association welcomes Collins appointment

NZPA | Tue December 8th, 2015

Police officers will be welcoming the news that Judith Collins will return as Police Minister, Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today.

Mr O’Connor was commenting on the appointment of Ms Collins as Police and Corrections Minister.

“Ms Collins showed good empathy and understanding of the challenges of police work during her last tenure as Minister, and we expect that will continue,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Police officers understand the need to have a strong voice around the Cabinet table, to ensure that the needs not only of police officers, but the public we protect are prioritised,” he said. “Victims of crime often come from the most marginalised part of society, and their safety needs can be overlooked without strong advocacy.”

Mr O’Connor said the Association would continue to ensure it was well informed on law and order issues so it could continue to offer timely and well considered advice to Government.

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