Police Association supports undercover technique

NZPA | Wed June 22nd, 2016

“The fact that the bodies of two homicide victims were recovered and their killer was convicted is vindication of the innovative and legal method used by police to obtain a confession from the offender,” Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today.

Mr O’Connor was referring to the sentencing today of Kamal Reddy to life imprisonment for the murders of Pakeeza Yusuf and her three-year-old daughter Juwairiyah ‘Jojo’ Kalim, after police used an undercover technique known as the ‘Mr Big’ technique to elicit a confession from him.

“The police’s job is to put the best possible evidence before the court to ensure they are able to make the right decision, and the use of innovative and legal techniques achieves that,” Mr O’Connor said.

“The public should not be swayed by the arguments of defence lawyers who endeavour to prevent this evidence from being heard in court, as the admission of such evidence virtually guarantees the conviction of their client,” he said.

“The Police Association believes the actual details of how police obtained such confessions should not be made public and only heard by the court, so as to ensure the technique can be used in the future and criminals do not become aware of the full details of the technique.

“The family of the two victims can now have double closure – firstly that they have retrieved the bodies of their loved ones, and secondly that the offender has been brought to justice,” Mr O’Connor said.

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