Police Association Absolutely Rejects Idea That Behaviour In Solomona Case Widespread In NZ Police

NZPA | Thu March 3rd, 2005

“The Police Association absolutely rejects the idea that the sort of behaviour evident in the Solomona case was widespread in NZ Police,” said Police Association President Greg O'Connor.

“I have spoken to senior South Auckland officers who are very upset by Judge Davidson's comments”. Mr O’Connor stressed: “Some of NZ’s best police have and currently do work as sergeants and senior sergeants in Manukau and these officers would never tolerate this sort of behaviour.”

“Individuals and even small groups in any large organization like Police can develop a culture of their own,” said Mr O’Connor. “The transparency and professionalism of NZ Police and the current Police environment means that, as it has in this case, any unhealthy culture is quickly discovered and inevitably ends up as disciplinary or criminal charges.

“NZ can have absolute confidence that the comments of Judge Davidson are not reflective of NZ Police across the board,“ Mr O'Connor stated.

“A lot of very good police officers will be hurt by Judge Davidson’s comments, however we believe that he may have based them on what he perceived as a cross-section, but were, in fact, in the context of the trial,” Mr O'Connor said.

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