Help on the gun and drug fronts is on the way

NZPA | Thu May 3rd, 2018

Two bills which will likely find support from the Police Association were pulled from the Member’s ballot today.

Paula Bennett’s Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill seeks to amend the Arms Act 1983 by providing new powers for Police to ban gang members from owning firearms, while not putting unnecessary restrictions on legal gun owners.

“This is a good law – anything that makes life more uncomfortable for gang members has to be good", Police Association President Chris Cahill said.

Jami-Lee Ross’ Land Transport (Random Oral Fluid Testing) Amendment Bill will introduce a more effective regime for detecting drug driving in relation to THC, MDMA, and methamphetamine, by allowing for random oral fluid testing (saliva testing) by enforcement officers.

President Chris Cahill indicated early support for the bill, saying, “Safer roads – a great move.”

The Police Association will follow the progress of both of these bills with interest.

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