Hamilton incident highlights need for careful design to keep staff safe in stations

NZPA | Tue May 10th, 2016

“Every police member will feel for the seriously assaulted officer and his family after the incident at Hamilton Central Station on Sunday; police station public area safety has been a key focus for the Association for some time,” Police Association Vice-President Craig Tickelpenny said today.

“Security and safety of front counters was first raised with Police in 2013 with members concerned that staff safety was being compromised in favour of a more open environment.”

Mr Tickelpenny went on to say, “The Association is engaged with Police in the current review of front counter areas, and immediate, practical steps to increase the safety of staff are welcome.”

“With careful design, Police can deliver practical operational safety and security for staff and visiting public, while still providing a welcoming environment in public areas,” he said.

“Given the wide variety of stations across the country, a range of well-considered and practical solutions are needed. The immediate solutions being put in place by Police are necessary until longer term modifications can be implemented, so that all police staff can have confidence in their safety at work.”

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