Current Police Numbers Will Only Allow Police To Keep The Increases In Crime Down

NZPA | Thu August 14th, 2003

"All that Police can do under current resourcing is to slow down the rate of increase. Clearly Police are working harder, as evidenced by the improved resolution rates, but crime will reduce in real terms only when Police numbers increase in real terms" Police Association spokesman Mark Leys said today.

Mr Leys was commenting on the annual crime statistics released today, which show a 2.5 per cent increase in reported crime, on top of a 2.8 per cent increase last year.

The rise in crime in New Zealand remains largely about Auckland The three Auckland Police Districts, Counties-Manukau, Auckland City and North Shore-Waitakere have had a collective increase of 12.7% over the past two years, compared with 2% for the rest of the country.

"Auckland has suffered severe shortages of staff over the past two years, only recently alleviated, and these shortages are again demonstrated by the rise in crime in these locations" he said.

Mr Leys continued " While there are other factors at play, the overriding message again in this years statistics is that police numbers do count."

Mr Leys asked politicians and Police Administrators to look at the continued improvement in traffic results, demonstrating what "well resourced, focused police can achieve".

Mr Leys also commented that the methamphetamine explosion the Association has long been warning about will continue to play a menacing role for Police and the wider community.

In the face of these difficulties the Police Association commends all Police staff on the ongoing improvement in crime resolution rates.

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