Reporting Firearms Stats

NZPA | Thu September 1st, 2016

Police has acknowledged to the Police Association that the official process for reporting search and seizure of firearms through NIA is not ideal. This confirms the Association’s submission to the select committee of inquiry into illegal weapons last month that Police stats on seizures have been significantly under-reported.

As an example, the Association provided Police with a list of 52 firearms seizures reported by members over a six-week period. Police was able to identify only about 14 of those seizures from information in its database.

The Association understands that steps are now being taken in some Police districts to improve the reporting process when firearms are found, for example in 3Ts and during search warrants.

The Association would like to see improved reporting implemented across all districts. Association President Greg O’Connor is encouraging members to cooperate with the districts’ new instructions to ensure all seizures are reported and correctly recorded in the databases. “We were frustrated that the official statistics have not reflected what our members have been telling us for the past two years, so it’s timely that Police has now acknowledged the inadequacy of its process and lack of veracity of the figures being quoted.”

Members should also continue notifying firearms incidents to the Association through the Assaults email, as well as to Police.

STOP PRESS: At the time of going to print, three members had been shot at by a fleeing offender in Whangarei.

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