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    'We have no idea how many firearms there are in NZ'

    Recent NewsThe AM Show

    The head of the Police Association says there's no concrete number on how many guns there are in New Zealand.

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    Quick Action, Near Miss and Courage in New Zealand Attacks

    Recent NewsNew York Times

    Chris Cahill explains to the New York Times how the police response to the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch unfolded.

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    Fleeing driver in Nelson triple fatal was on meth

    Recent NewsNewshub

    Paranoid fleeing drivers high on meth is an increasing problem for frontline police officers, says Police Assn President Chris Cahill.

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    Danger means arming police where we're heading

    Recent NewsRNZ Morning Report

    President Chris Cahill told Morning Report that he supports the decision to arm Christchurch officers while there is a suspected gunman on the loose.

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    Ban on smoking with children in cars 'short sighted'

    Recent NewsStuff

    Police Assn President Chris Cahill supports a ban on smoking in cars, but questions whether it will be practical for police to enforce.

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    If the solution to police pursuits was simple, we'd have found it long ago

    Recent NewsStuff

    Police Assn President Chris Cahill says that the question of whether police should pursue fleeing drivers is far from simple.

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