Police association front page news https://policeassn.org.nz/ Tue, 17 Oct 2017 09:49:18 +1300 Tue, 17 Oct 2017 09:49:18 +1300 NZPA Annual Report/Review 2017 https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/other-publications/nzpa-annual-reportreview-2017 Our financial year in review, covering 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. See the full report attached below. Reports Tue, 17 Oct 2017 08:49:18 +1200 Police association front page news Police Association honours two officers with Bravery Awards https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/media-releases/police-association-honours-two-officers-bravery-awards Two Police officers who demonstrated outstanding courage have each been honoured with the Police Association’s Bravery Award at the 82nd NZPA annual conference in Wellington. Constable Darren Critchley and Senior Constable Ross Andrew, nominated by their peers, were presented with their awards by Rugby great, Sir Brian Lochore, a  former award evaluation panel member. Association President Chris Cahill says both officers are fine examples of having the capacity to make immediate, and as it turns out, heroic decisions, when the mundane turned quickly into the dangerously serious. “The officers not only displayed quick thinking, but extraordinary courage to put their lives at risk to rescue others,” Mr Cahill said.   On July 8, 2016, Senior Constable Ross Andrew (retired) came across a serious crash when he was driving through the Manawatu River gorge. A large truck and trailer unit had careened through a barrier and came to rest, partly submerged, 50 metres down the gorge. Senior Constable Andrew picked his way down the steep ravine in driving winds and rain using a rope provided by a member of the public. He waded through the swift and rising water to the partly crushed cab and helped the woman passenger to the shore, giving her is protective vest for warmth. He returned to the cab, extracted the seriously injured driver onto the top of the cab and, aware hypothermia was setting in, lay next to the driver to shelter him from the relentless freezing mid-winter winds until a rescue helicopter arrived an hour later.     On December 14, 2016, Constable Darren Critchley, a highway patrol officer, had finished work and had picked up his son from school when he heard an alert on the radio that several people were in trouble in the water at the Hukatere end of Ninety Mile Beach. Constable Critchley knew how dangerous the sea was, but repeatedly placed himself at risk in his rescue efforts. The male tourist was at the point of disappearing under the water when Constable Critchley reached him. He brought him back to shore and immediately re-entered the periolous water to try and find the woman. When he did he could see she was drowned so he lifted her on to the surf board, gave her mouth-to-mouth in hope the paramedics would be able to save her. Unfortunately they could not and Constable Critchley had to break the terrible news to her distraught friends.   Even from such brief descriptions of harrowing experiences, I believe it is very clear that not only did they place themselves in serious danger once, in each case they went back in to find the second person,” Mr Cahill said. “To be awarded the Association’s Bravery Award is the highest honour we can bestow on our members, and I am tremedously proud to be associated with two officers who performed so outstandingly.”   About the New Zealand Police Association Bravery Awards The New Zealand Police Association Bravery Awards were established by the Police Association to recognise and honour the most outstanding acts of bravery performed by members, on or off duty.  Whilst acts of bravery may be recognised by other Police and civilian awards, the Association’s Bravery Award is unique in that it represents recognition of a member’s outstanding bravery by his or her colleagues and peers. The design of the award is based on the sternpost of a Maori waka, traditionally carved to provide guardianship on a journey.  In the Bravery Award, the cast bronze sternpost incorporates a Police chevron, and represents the strength, resolve and community guardianship of police.  The sternpost is topped by a flame of pounamu, representing the outstanding valour of the act of bravery, and the high value in which the recipient is held. 2017 is the seventh year in which Bravery Awards have been made.  The first award was made in 2010 to Inspector Mike O’Leary, who, while off duty, placed his own safety at risk in rescuing two children from a burning van following a serious crash near Taupo.  In 2011, Constable Mike Wardle and former constable Marty Stiles were honoured for their courage in rescuing Senior Constable Bruce Lamb after he had been shot through the face in Christchurch.  No awards were made in 2012 as the evaluation panel did not feel any nominated acts met the standard of extraordinary bravery required.  In 2013, Senior Constable Bryan Farquharson and Constable Paul Bailey received an award for leaping without hesitation into dangerous surf at Napier to save the life of a 12 year old boy. In 2014, Senior Constable Deane O’Connor received an award for leaping from a bridge, at nightfall, into the dark waters of Tauranga harbour to rescue a crash survivor.  In 2015 Senior Constable Adrian Oldham was awarded for entering a burning home without any fire safety equipment to rescue a trapped 77-year-old woman; Constable Ben Turner, unarmed, rushed an offender armed with a sawn-off shotgun who was attempting to carjack an elderly woman in a crowded car park.  The 2016 award was not made public due to the nature of the police operation involved. The recipients of the Bravery Awards were selected by a panel comprising Police Association President Chris Cahill, Vice–President Craig Tickelpenny, Police Superintendent Sam Hoyle, former Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand and former Labour Minister Annette King.   Media Releases Fri, 13 Oct 2017 10:25:34 +1200 Police association front page news Holiday Home booking issue FIXED https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/events/holiday-home-booking-issue-fixed The two issues with paying by credit card and using the date picker have been resolved. If you still find an issue, clearing your browser cache should resolve things. Thank you Sat, 07 Oct 2017 23:00:00 +1200 Police association front page news Police mental health threatened by under-resourcing https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/recent-media/police-mental-health-threatened-under-resourcing Police mental health threatened by under-resourcing - Police mental health is being hurt just as much from lack of staff, as the trauma of terrible road crashes and violence, says the Police Association. Recent Media Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:40:08 +1200 Police association front page news Police conference to focus on mental health https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/recent-media/police-conference-focus-mental-health Police conference to focus on mental health - The mental health of its 11,000 serving members will be the focus of the NZ Police Association's annual conference in Wellington, President Chris Cahill said on The AM Show. Recent Media Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:36:30 +1200 Police association front page news Police Assn conference to focus on mental health of police officers https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/recent-media/police-assn-conference-focus-mental-health-police-officers Police Assn conference to focus on mental health of police officers - Police Association President Chris Cahill speaks with Radio 531pi about the Association's upcoming annual conference and its theme of 'Resilience Matters'. Recent Media Tue, 10 Oct 2017 11:37:15 +1200 Police association front page news Police News October 2017 https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/police-news/police-news-october-2017 In this issue: How Chinese immigrants broke new ground in Police; photos from the Police Winter Games; and the Association's new lakeside Holiday Homes in Taupo. Police News (Magazine) Fri, 06 Oct 2017 14:58:49 +1200 Police association front page news President's Column: Resilience matters https://policeassn.org.nz/newsroom/publications/presidents-column/presidents-column-resilience-matters In late August, I had the pleasure of attending the Police Sport Winter Games, sponsored by the Association, in Rotorua. It was a great occasion with more 600 competitors taking part in a variety of sports. Congratulations to Police Sport and a big thanks to the Rotorua District Council for its generous support. The games highlighted how important healthy lifestyles are for our members. This month, your Association representatives and national office staff will attend the annual conference in Wellington. The theme is “Resilience Matters”. Resilience is not about telling people to harden up and get on with the job; it is about adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy and significant sources of stress. The conference will hear from respected speakers on this topic, and other health-related messages, as we explore how to better support the mental and physical wellbeing of members. The keynote speaker will be Tom Mulholland, a well-known emergency and expedition doctor, author, TV and radio host and founder of the Healthy Thinking Institute. Dr Tom, as he is known, truly walks the talk, combining family, a full-on career and many outdoor activities. He is going to guide us through how we can live to 100 while staying out of the emergency department. In this month’s Police News, Police employee Nikki Geeson talks about the correlation between overwork, not enough staff and the chronic condition of burnout in high-risk occupations such as policing. Her academic work underscores the story of veteran police officer Dave Harvey, also in this issue, who tells Police News that thanks to the Police trauma policy he was able to take time out to recover from post-traumatic stress and stay in policing, rather than quitting years before he was ready. At the conference, and in conjunction with Police, we will be launching a mental health wellbeing app that provides practical tools for dealing with stress. This brings me back to the importance of sport in promoting personal wellbeing, along with the camaraderie and fun of competition. In recognition of that, the Association is pleased to announce a doubling of its sponsorship to Police Sport, which will now exceed $100,000, continuing the Association’s commitment to its vision: to be the trusted guardian of the police family. We look forward to working even closer with Police Sport to promote this important aspect of our members’ health, and we will share with you the knowledge we gain from this year’s conference. President's Columns Fri, 06 Oct 2017 15:12:55 +1200 Police association front page news