President's Column

President's Column - I rest my case

Vol 46. No.4 | NZPA | Wed May 1st, 2013

The recent publicity around the Arthur Allan Thomas case has served as a reminder to us all of the major impact that case had on police reputation.

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President's Column - Staying balanced during changing times

Vol 46. No 3 | NZPA | Mon April 1st, 2013

I recently heard the head of a government body talk about “business-as-usual being the enemy of innovation”. He was speaking about the Canterbury rebuild and the opportunities that had been created for his organisation to innovate out of a situation where a new normal now exists, and people have accepted life will never be the same.

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President's Column - Ominous parallels between Police and Defence

Vol 46.No.2 | NZPA | Thu February 28th, 2013

This month’s Police News features an article on the result of major changes and budget reductions in Defence.

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President's Column - Assaults on Police

Vol 46. No 1 | NZPA | Thu January 31st, 2013

As we contemplate the new year, and what it promises policing wise, we need to first reflect on our colleagues who were punched, kicked, and abused while doing their jobs.

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President's Column - The shape of change

Vol 45, No. 11 | NZPA | Fri November 30th, 2012

It’s the festive season again and Police is shaped very differently to how it was at year’s beginning.

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President's Column - Unfairly judged

Vol 45. No.10 | NZPA | Wed October 31st, 2012

When police come under attack for alleged botch ups or operational failures, the barbs are directed at the organisation as a whole.

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President's Column - A senior moment

Vol 45, No.9 | NZPA | Sun September 30th, 2012

During the 1990s, in the midst of a round of restructuring and review similar to what we have now, a proposal was made to eliminate the senior sergeant rank.

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President's Column - New brooms and old fences

Vol 45, No.8 | NZPA | Sat September 1st, 2012

There is an old saying that before you pull a fence down, you need to understand why it was built in the first place.

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President's Column - Applying the Fairness Test

Vol 45, No.7 | NZPA | Wed August 1st, 2012

Cops are a pragmatic bunch and, in my experience, are generally driven by a sense of fairness more than self-interest.

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President's Column - Centralisation is the new black

Vol 45, No.6 | NZPA | Sun July 1st, 2012

My wife recently bought me a paisley tie. I sceptically, and timidly, wore it to work, expecting to be ridiculed for having confused my decades. 

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President's Column - When clich├ęs come true

Vol 45, No.5 | NZPA | Fri June 1st, 2012

The universe is balanced, what goes around comes around, Yin and Yang, the chickens always come home to roost…

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President's Column - Don't blame the troops

Vol 45, No.3 | NZPA | Sat March 31st, 2012

The dark arts of political spin-doctoring visited us last month.

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President's Column - The whipping boy gets a break

Vol 45, No.2 | NZPA | Wed February 29th, 2012

There’s plenty happening media wise at the moment around the country, but, at the risk of tempting fate, not too much is directed specifically at Police.

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President's Column - Co-ordinated leadership

Vol 45, No.1 | NZPA | Tue January 31st, 2012

I was fortunate to enjoy a break at Waihi Beach over New Year and, while trying to avoid the so-called busman’s holiday, I did work with the locals on New Year’s Eve. 

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President's Column - Austerity looms over hard-won gains

Vol 44, No.11 | NZPA | Wed November 30th, 2011

The election is done and dusted, National has a majority with Act NZ and Peter Dunne, and by the time you read this, we may have a new minister. In an ironic piece of retro, it could be John Banks again!

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President's Column - Treating each other as equals

Vol 44, No.10 | NZPA | Mon October 31st, 2011

While there will always be socioeconomic strata in our society, we have generally avoided re-establishing the class systems inherent in the Northern Hemisphere countries that European settlers escaped.

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President's Column - Urgent law change needed for Police video surveillance

Vol 44, No.9 | NZPA | Fri September 30th, 2011

As I write this column, we are hurriedly preparing our submissions on the Government’s urgent bill to legitimise and reinstate the evidence we gather using video surveillance.

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President's Column - Mob rule

Vol 44, No.8 | NZPA | Thu September 1st, 2011

How many of us watched the recent UK riots and asked ourselves, could that happen here? 

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President's Column - The value of experience

Vol 44, No.7 | NZPA | Mon August 1st, 2011

There’s not much that happens in the world of politics, media, or even disasters, which doesn’t have a police dimension somewhere.

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President's Column - The drive for "efficiencies"

Vol 44, No.6 | NZPA | Fri July 1st, 2011

Anyone who thinks there is any fat left in our system just needs to visit a few overseas jurisdictions to see what value for money the New Zealand taxpayer gets from its police.

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President's Column - An eye on politics

Vol 44, No.5 | NZPA | Wed June 1st, 2011

The financial situation means things will change for us all. Don’t naively think your workplace or station or district will somehow slip under the radar; no one else’s will.

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President's Column - Police culture

Vol 44, No.4 | NZPA | Sun May 1st, 2011

It was reassuring to hear the new Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, challenging some perceptions on Police culture during his round of introductory media interviews.

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President's Column - What's good for the goose

Vol 44, No.3 | NZPA | Thu March 31st, 2011

What we can demand as police is fairness and consistency. Strict accountability of police is appropriate, so let’s have the same level of consistency around public servants, judges and parliamentarians.

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President's Column - Reporting on Police

Vol 44, No.2 | NZPA | Mon February 28th, 2011

In ancient China, executions were sometimes carried out by ‘death by a thousand cuts’, and with the plethora of reports, workplace survey results and exposés on Police relentlessly being released and published, the phrase almost seems to apply.

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President's Column - Assaults on police

Vol 44, No.1 | NZPA | Mon January 31st, 2011

What are we actually doing about assaults on police?

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President's Column - Loose lips sink ships

Vol 43, No.11 | NZPA | Tue November 30th, 2010

Julius Caesar once said “I love treason but I hate a traitor”. There have been many variations since, applied to different historical settings. The modern equivalent, and relevant to police, is the media’s view of people who leak information to them.

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President's Column - Police as 'tall poppies'

Vol 43, No.10 | NZPA | Sun October 31st, 2010

Being a fairly modest bunch as police officers, we have never really felt vulnerable to “tall poppy’ syndrome.

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President's Column - Christchurch quake response provides valuable lessons for another issue

NZPA Police News | Thu September 30th, 2010

“The strategy has got to be to make sure offenders know it’s not worth it to have a go, not to make police tentative in enforcing the law and in doing so, making the roads more dangerous.”

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President's Column - Theft of the frontline

NZPA Police News | Wed September 1st, 2010

“The real problem is that none of it results in better service to the public, because any advantages are quickly negated by the theft of policing time.”

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President's Column - Arming issue up for debate

NZPA Police News | Sun August 1st, 2010

“Our Australian colleagues are shaking their heads in disbelief that there is even a discussion on arming over here.”

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