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Police News January/February 2004

Vol. 37, No.1 | NZPA | Thu January 1st, 2004
In this issue: Pharmacists’ precursor ban unlikely to extend nationwide; Changes to court system on the way?; Young offenders thumb their nose at the law and GSF or PSS - which way to jump?

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Police News December 2003

Vol. 36, No.11 | NZPA | Mon December 1st, 2003
In this issue: Cash transfers from GSF; Legal Status of cannabis to remain unchanged and Thrills and Spills aplenty at bike champs.

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Police News November 2003

Vol 36, No 10 | NZPA | Sat November 1st, 2003
In this Issue: Arming and integration survey results, Prisoner escort duties go to security firms, Taking the P-rofit from Organised Crime, Name Protection Bill born out of the Waitara tradegy and Cook Islands Police Association doing the hard yards.

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Police News October 2003

Vol. 36, No.9 | NZPA | Wed October 1st, 2003
In this issue: Annual income to organised crime = $400 million; Employment Court upholds importance of Police Disciplinary Tribunal and Police Complaints Authority to have own investigators.

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Police News September 2003

Vol. 36, No.8 | NZPA | Mon September 1st, 2003
In this issue: Harlech House Control Group established; World-renowned gang expert to address Conference and New York after dark - Police perspective.

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Police News August 2003

Vol. 36, No.7 | NZPA | Fri August 1st, 2003
In this issue: Pay round 2003: MEMBERS RATIFY PAY DEAL; Some changes made to DNA Bill and The scourge that is P.

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Police News July 2003

Vol. 36, No.6 | NZPA | Tue July 1st, 2003
In this issue: Legionnaires’ disease forces evacuation at Harlech House; Traffic enforcement and road safety survey makes interesting reading and Surprising positions taken by Minister and Police Administration over Prostitution Law Reform Bill.

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Police News June 2003

Vol. 36, No.5 | NZPA | Sun June 1st, 2003
In this issue: 40 Years of Fond Memories Respected Association Representative and Colourful Community Constable John Gower Retires, It’s Official! Crime rates are Tolerable and British Police – Over-stretched, Underpaid and Under Appreciated – Sound Familiar?

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Police News May 2003

Vol. 36, No.4 | NZPA | Thu May 1st, 2003
In the issue: The great debate - Traffic vs General Duties Policing, The Association's submission on the Independent Police Complaints Authority Amendment Bill and North Shore Police Turnout for ANZAC Parade.

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Police News April 2003

Vol. 36, No.3 | NZPA | Tue April 1st, 2003
In this issue: The NZ Police Association helps Cook Island Police set-up their own Association; Payround Briefing 2003 and Amendments to proposed Prostitution Bill to target criminals and help local authorities.

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Police News March 2003

Vol 36, No.2 | NZPA | Sun March 2nd, 2003
In this issue: Police parade in Wellington to celebrate the return of those serving in East Timor; Auckland Staff set to rally in March; Bill to decriminalise prostitution has serious flaws; and rural policing - further delays in addressing issues.

Police News Jan/Feb 2003

Vol 36, No.1 | NZPA | Thu January 2nd, 2003
In this issue: Waitara – what mischief is created in a vacuum; plus public reaction in the wake of the shooting; 2003 Pay Round developments; and an update on the Auckland staffing crisis.

Police News Dec 2002

Vol 35, No.11 | NZPA | Mon December 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Celebrity basketball match played in Duncan Taylor’s memory; huge turnout at rally to address Auckland staffing crisis; and a look into why NZ must invest in safety.

Police News November 2002

Vol 35, No.10 | NZPA | Sat November 2nd, 2002
In this issue: "I’m No Hero" New York Cop tells Association Conference; the 'MethEdemic' - NZ Statistics a wake up call; and progress at last for GSF-transfers.

Police News October 2002

Volume 35, No 9 | NZPA | Wed October 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Snowboarding Champs first sport to benefit from Association and Council of Sport Sponsorship Agreement; PSS set to introduce member choice; and a look into the Auckland staffing crisis and the proposed initiatives aimed at addressing the issue.

Police News September 2002

Volume 35, No 8 | NZPA | Mon September 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Duncan Taylor’s family unveil memorial plaque; Sworn eye examination provisions restrictive and unfair; and George Hawkins is reappointed Minister of Police.

Police News August 2002

Volume 35, No 7 | NZPA | Fri August 2nd, 2002
In this Issue: Farewell to Duncan Taylor - senseless loss of a good man and a good cop; Election 2002 - Association comfortable with results; and Youth Aid Officers ratify settlement.

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Police News July 2002

Volume 35, No 6 | NZPA | Tue July 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Chief Justice Sian Elias declares Constable A’s case to be heard by jury; Election 2003 - we ask the main parties for their views on policing; and our new Association Service Centre is set to open.

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Police News June 2002

Volume 35, No 5 | NZPA | Sun June 2nd, 2002
In this Issue: NZ police Trans-Atlanic Rowers win; 2001 NZ Police Sportperson of the Year is announced; and we have a new Field Officer for Northland and Auckland.

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Police News May 2002

Vol 35, No.4, | NZPA | Thu May 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Cadet Scheme - the solution; what will policing look like in the future; Paid Parental Leave - what it means for members; and Health Plan moves to age-banded premium.

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Police News April 2002

Vol. 35, No. 3 | NZPA | Tue April 2nd, 2002
In this issue: NZ has a Meth problem! Find out how to calculate your Total Remuneration; Region Director Lloyd Matheson is farewelled; and we pay tribute to life member and diversion scheme founding father Tony Olsen.

Police News Jan/Feb 2002

Vol. 35, No. 1 | NZPA | Wed January 2nd, 2002
In this issue: Police outside the house in Mangere where arrests for the Panmure RSA murders were made; the FINAL defence of Constable A; and Sworn Disciplinary System - adverse reports and fundamental changes.
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