Alan Monk - 1999

Alan joined the Police in 1961, beginning his Association service on the Wellington District Committee in 1967. He was elected to the newly structured Management Committee in 1969 and remained there, except for one term, until he retired from Police in 1999.

Alan took up the position of Vice-President and was elected President in 1976, where he remained at the helm of the organisation until 1981. This was the last time the office of President was filled by a police officer required to carry out their normal Police duties and the President’s role at the same time.

Alan was fundamental in the formation of the Police and Families Credit Union in 1973, becoming a Credit Union Board Member from its inception, until his retirement, apart from the six years he was stationed in Blenheim.

The Police Welfare Fund was established during Alan’s presidency and he served as a Board Member of the Welfare Fund from 1975, until his retirement.

Alan was awarded Life Membership in 1999.